Canadian Natural Horsemanship

Here is a link to a horsemanship trainer that I endorse; Nettie Barr. I have attended her Clinic on Round Penning and On-Line Ground Work, as well as followed her methods in her DVD’s. She starts with showing you how to catch never-been-caught-before horse, and progresses through various stages of on-line and off-line circling and other ground work that sets you up for riding. She also has a second set of DVD’s for Riding. She deals with the difficult horses to show you what to do at home if you are encountering the same problems. I have seen results with our three horses and am proud to say I have seen results with me, first and foremost. Her methods are straight forward and the horses respond. It has also increased my confidence level when dealing with my ‘difficult’ horse, Hawks. I would strongly suggest that anyone looking to increase their horse skills check her out. She is a no nonsense type of person that truly has a love and passion for what she does. And she’s amazing at it. She is APHA and AQHA certified, and if you are looking for a reference for her, contact me.