Lazy January

Did you know there are six seasons recognized by ecologists who use the term ‘hibernal’ for the ‘winter’ period of the year. The other ecological seasons are referred to as: prevernal, vernal, estival, serotinal, and autumnal. This ecological season is more ‘accurate’ than calendar-based seasons, by avoiding the use of fixed dates. Or so Wikipedia says…I know I feel like hibernating most of the winter.

img-blog32The low hours of sunlight give way to hours and hours of fire-light, where you feel you could just drift into a steady sleep of dreams. But then you hear the dog bark and are brought back into reality that humans can not hibernate and should not attempt trying it. If it were not for my animals I swear most days I would never go outside. But then to feed the chickens, and I realize all bundled up, that there is so much beauty to the winter months, how could I give this up, even if it does make me lazier.