Hawker Pavilion (Fairview Arena)

The Hawker Pavilion in Fairview, Alberta, 85 x 180 feet, was built  in 1986 and has been operated by Swartzy Performance Horses since 2013 (but is owned by the Grande Prairie Regional College). The arena and the barns are fairly well kept . There is no run-in in the arena, so it would be short for barrels or possibly ropings. There is also a wash bay right in the arena for the horses. There isn’t any bleachers, but there is a small patio with some chairs on it, that probably can be used for viewing. The outside paddock’s are nicely kept on the east side of the building, however, there are only a handful of stalls on the inside of the arena; most are in barns around the property, where you would have to cross over from outside.

The below info was summarised from the Swartzy Website:

The rent includes a monthly riding pass, linked to the board horse.

Indoor Board – Heated Box Stall $550.00 + GST per month
hay/oats/mineral/shavings/daily turnout/communal tack area or locker

Outdoor Board – Individual Paddock $400.00,  or Communal Pen $300.00 + GST per month
hay/oats/mineral/communal tack area or locker

Add or Remove Blankets – Individual Paddock Only $75.00 + GST per month, not offered for communal pen horses

Multiple Horse Discount $25.00 +GST per month

Horses must have proof of a negative coggins test in the last six months, and have their 4 way shot (tetanus, Rhinopneumonitis EHV-1 & EHV-4, Eastern & Western Sleeping Sickness), an Influenza shot & dewormed in the last 30 days.

Riding passes are listed in detail on the website, but to simplify:

Adult, Monthly $125 + GST, Hourly $50+ GST

Lessons are also available to purchase. Private is $50 + GST for 45 minutes.