Horse Bale Net Feeder

I have noticed lately that not a lot of people use the equestrian bale bag feeders, such as ‘N.a.g Bags’. I don’t know why, because they are awesome. They reduce so much waste of hay, which really makes a difference in the spring clean-up; there is literally nothing to clean up. Plus, your horses go through the bales slower, reducing the amount of times you have to feed them and it gives your horses something to do when they are all cooped up.

I think the only reason that people don’t use them is because they are lazy; the bags are not difficult to put on, but it is an extra step, and they can be pricey, about $300 CAD bucks for the large ones. But they the bags do pay themselves forward.

I don’t think I will ever drop a bale for our horses again, winter or summer, with out using the N.A.G. Bag. We have been using them for about a year now, we have a couple, and they work great. At first, when you are introducing the bags to your horses, make sure you follow the instructions and leave some hay on the ground around the bale till the horses figure it out. That way it prevents the horses from being frantic and ripping into the bag. The horses eventually figure it out….about a day or so. They come in 2 inch, 1.5 inch and 1 inch diamond openings, I would suggest the 1 inch, as it just slows them down a little bit longer to get the hay out. For more info I would go to N.A.G.Bags, or send me your questions below!