Lewis Hawkes Pavilion: Grande Prairie Arena, Evergreen Park

Well, it may not surprise you that after the internet research I did, I could not find why this Grande Prairie Arena is called the Lewis Hawkes Pavilion. I was expecting their to be some sort of biography on the webpage, but, there is nothing. Really nothing at all. Not even pictures of the inside of the arena. Nice.

But, I can tell you that I learned that the boarding space is full, with a wait list of 15 horses on it (but not in the foreseeable future I was told). There are 12 stalls that are available for overnight boarding, for clinics and such, or day rentals. The area surrounding the arena is full of horse stalls, about 3 deep, lining both sides, with owners own ‘tack rooms’ at the end, facing the arena. It makes the place look like a giant mess. But, I guess it must be working for Arena and the people that use it. With the horse races that take place at Evergreen Park, it seems as though they practice there too, taking up much of the stalls.

There is actually 2 arenas that are connected by an alleyway. One, has no viewing space at all, but looks like they are fixing that up with some sort of concession at the moment in one corner. This would be used for warm-ups and training. It has rails on one end for tying up horses, but these are actually in the arena, so the arena is a lot smaller than the other one.

The other one is the Lewis Hawkes arena, and is much larger (although I couldn’t find dimensions of either anywhere, other than 38,850 square feet incl. stalls), with footing that looks to be quite deep, as it was about 1/3 of the way up the boards, so you would be looking up at the horses as they ride by, compared to regular arena footing. There is one set of small wooden white bleachers on the side in a good spot for viewing. I guess they can bring more bleachers in from outside if needed? There was a spot in-between the two arenas that could be used as a run in.

The 2016 boarding prices that were posted at the arena are higher than what is on the website, so I am assuming the website has not been updated? It doesn’t have a year on the website. Anyways, here are the rates(please note that nothing else is included, however, there are some outdoor stalls for turn-out for your own use):

Monthly board and shavings only: $225.00 incl.GST,  Annual is $2,400.00 incl. GST

Riding pass: Day rate, $20.00    Annual, $525.00