Chevallier ‘s Arena- Peachland, B.C.

The Chevallier’s Arena is packed with action! They are a family friendly place where generations hang out whether they are competing or not. Although this might sound a bit hectic, it’s not, with friends and family willing to help each other out and welcome first-time horse owners. Although the Chevallier’s have an indoor arena that they use for ropings and barrel racing, most of the competition events that happen every other week at the outdoor arena.


They have room for 42 horses on the property and about 8 indoor stalls, which are connected to the indoor 80 x 200 indoor arena.  The “3C Tack” Shop, hosting new and quality consignment items such as kids cowboy boots, saddles, grooming supplies and supplements, is also inside/connected to the arena. There is a coffee/lunch room connected between the tack shop and the arena, with a window to view what’s going on inside. The tack shop actually had a pretty good supply of items and the coffee room had tea and coffee, so I was in luck!


So just who are the busy Chevallier’s? Well, I spoke with Sandy when I was there, and Candace was around too, although she was setting up for the ropings about to begin at 2:00 p.m. They are a mother and daughter team that live and work (and breathe) the arena. They have an event listing on their site, and like I said, it’s packed with action. Although their website lists them as being in operation since 1990, their ties to the western lifestyle and horses goes back much much further.   Sandy’s mom, Diana, also plays a part in the operation, as did Sandy’s late father, Larry. Sandy and Candace also offer their services for riding lessons, clinics and horse training.

The operation has been through 2 wildfires with full evacuations, according to Sandy, where horse trailers were generously brought in from all over to help them get all 42 horses out. Not to mention in about 2 hours notice at least for one of the fires. Now, they like to max out their stables at 23 horses.

Sandy was very warm and friendly, and it wasn’t long before many of the boarder’s piped-up and said how much they appreciate everything that she offers them at her place. Obviously, the people are a big part of what make this arena so great.

One year riding membership is $500.00, or $60 per month, drop in is $10. For roping and barrel racing practice it’s $20.