Serendipity Farms – Kelowna, B.C.

Serendipity Farms Equestrian Stables; wow! These stables and arena are an immaculate conception of what an equestrian facility should be!

Serendipity Farms Kelowna, B.C.

The farm is carefully designed and thought out; they have all the amenities you could desire and have done away with things you don’t want (such as metal roofing for sound!) . All arenas have a sand and shavings mix, which is coated with an oil about once a year, so they never have to worry about dust. The stables have a separate kitchen/meeting room/washroom area that currently is provided for all clients use and that the Pony Club takes full advantage of.

The facilities are well cared for and exceptionally clean; the staff are family and you can tell they take pride in their work. Piroj Holt, the owner, and family live at the facility grounds; their attention to the property is 110%.

The horses are happy; each of them have turn out stalls, whether paddock or in-door board,  so they get a change of scenery at least once a day. All the horses are fed three times a day and your board is all-inclusive, minus grooming and exercise. Paddock Board is $450/month with out use of the indoor arena, $600/month with use of indoor arena, OR $650/month indoor stall and all amenities. Winter Board Only is $700/month. Paddock board has a decent sized outside pen and the horses are turned out into a larger paddock with three other horses daily. The indoor stalls are large and have a runout attached to each stall, but are also turned out by rotation. Heated waterers are supplied to all.

After speaking with the owner of the facility Piroj Holt, it is evident that she loves her business and her barn. The stables accommodate 53 horses comfortably (as mentioned above, all with turn out time) and the arena is a massive display with a professional feel, although she notes only a few compete competitively. Most of her clients in the Kelowna, B.C. area are mid-age females who love to train in dressage, hunter/jumper, or western reining. There is no resident coaches or trainers, but you are invited to provide your own. She has a large outdoor arena (100 x 200) with round pen (60 ft), the indoor (80 x 204) arena, and miles of trails in the B.C. Crawford Trails area of Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park , located behind the stables, for your cross-country training or a new adventure. Holt comments that its great for the horses minds to get out and ride in the stimulating natural environment.

Within the arena’s large span, there are 23 stables down the lengths. There are mirrors on both ends of the arena for you to watch your progress. There are two tack rooms, with tack ‘lockers’ in them and are in a heated area off of the riding arena and look large and are individually locked. There is also a wash bay is inside the arena (bonus!) and a feed room. The arena is not heated, but the walkways down either side of the arena are. The arena footing is coated with, ‘DaLee Dust Control‘ Oil about once a year and Holt notes that it works extremely well, so much so, she never uses the water system that was installed with the arena! The arena footing looked like it was in good shape with minimum dust when I was there. When asked about her clients, Holt notes that most of them ride about 5 times a week, with a lot of the riding happening during the day, giving the arena even use.

And, if you feel like checking the facility out, they also have a Bed and Bale accommodation (with a pool and sauna!) to provide you and your horse with the full experience!