Autumn September

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Well, it definitely feels like fall has arrived here on September 1! And it looks like it’s going to be around to stay. I heard some people say this morning in Dawson Creek that it was snowing when they got up. And really, with a high of 5 degrees celsius what else would we expect, especially up here in the “North”.  While I usually really enjoy the fall, I feel like this one has come too soon and will be gone too soon. Then we will be in for a long winter…….At least this year I will be boarding one of my horses indoors, even if it is over an hour away through the Dunvegan, at least I will get some riding time in. Long awaited and eagerly anticipated, I mean really, what else is there to do all winter anyways but ride your horse?

I cant believe I am already talking winter.

Autumn, I guess I’m ready. Bring it on (gently though).