Brain Surgery


Well that explains a lot. My friends and family thought I was depressed, needed to see a psychiatrist.

This December 1, 2017 I finally was checked in to the University of Alberta Hospital; I had CT scans and MRI scans.

I had a 3 cm by 3 cm cyst pushing on the basal ganglia (memory stick) part of my brain, and a tumor. 

I still do not know if the tumor was benign or malignant. That will come with the pathology report.

I had my surgery Dec 7, 2017, to remove the cyst and a portion of the tumor. I was finally checked out on Dec 11, 2017 (also my husband’s birthday).

So much about my life has changed. I am so thankful to the Hospital, all of the nurses and staff, and especially to my neurosurgeon (I won’t mention her name for her privacy). And to Nurse Heidi from the ICU, who was exceptionally kind and made me laugh more than once. I am thankful to the Canadian and Alberta governments for having a medical system that we are all taxed for, but do not owe anything out of pocket. So incredibly thankful.

I will be posting the journal I have written as my blog here. I am hoping that my friends and family will read it, and if anyone else in the world has to go through this, I know they are out there, that maybe reading this will help them.

I had to also shave off all my blonde, curly hair. I will post a photo of it in case anyone is interested. I will not be posting a photo of the many large staples in my head, because I know their are a lot of people that can’t handle that.