No. 1 – Will my pounding head ever stop?

It all started a couple of weeks before I was actually admitted to the hospital emergency.

Actually, it was really years before. No one really knows. It was only a month or so before I had gone in though, that I knew something was wrong, depression or not. I knew the massive migraines I had been having I was now getting every day, all day. I was sleeping any time I was not at work. I was getting techno-color auras in my left eye, followed by more headaches. I lost mobility in my right leg and walking really slow. For over 6 months now, I did not want to walk my dogs, ride my horses, do my hair or even brush my teeth. These were all too much for me. These were important yes, but I could manage day to day. There were a lot more things wrong with me, but at this stage, I didn’t pick up on them.

Driving was difficult, I thought it was me, just becoming more paranoid.

I also had lost mobility of my right hand, but because I was left hand dominant, I had written this off because I wasn’t using it as much anymore.

Over the next couple of weeks I really don’t remember too much. I remember snip-its, and I ask my husband to fill me in on the rest, which he does.  My short term memory was already negatively effected.

On November 17, 2017 I went to the Queen Elizabeth II (Grande Prairie) Hospital, Emergency. They gave me some pills, which did nothing for my headaches, and booked me in for a CT scan the following week. After that, they booked me in for a MRI scan, on Dec 28, 2017. WAY TOO LONG ESPECIALLY NOW I KNEW THERE WAS A PROBLEM IN MY BRAIN. I could barely deal with the headaches for another month, never mind everything else. So, I started looking for a private MRI lab. I found one in Edmonton, over 6 hrs away. I had to go to an Alberta Historical Resources Foundation Meeting in Edmonton for Dec 1 and 2, so I booked in my MRI.

However, late on Dec 1 after my meeting, my sister Dallas, who at the time was taking Nursing at the University of Alberta,  was really, really worried about me. She, and her friend who was training to be a speech pathologist,  phoned the hotline of nurses and then told me we needed to go to the hospital, right now. It was about 10:00 pm at night. I said okay. Off to the University of Alberta Hospital we went.

It was a long night in Emergency for all three of us. But I am glad we did it. I went for another CT scan. They then informed me that I was not leaving the hospital. I would have surgery scheduled. Brain Surgery.

I phoned my husband.

I phoned my parents.

Brain Surgery is scary because no one really knows what is going to happen when you come out of surgery. There is so much Doctors just don’t know. Its a wait and see game for everyone. Literally, everyone.