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Sarah Borges

Sarah’s new album is great and I love Tendency to Riot. It’s great when you can feel the music and you don’t want to stand still. I would give...

Corb Lund

I know that when Corb Lund sings this song he is probably not singing about Blueberry Mountain, Ab., but sure heck it sounds like it. Especially these days. Maybe i’ll find another one of his tunes that ain’t quite so sad……he has lots of good uns.

Paul Burch

I think “My Baby’s Just Like a Train” by Paul Burch is a groovin song but I can’t find any great recordings of it! I’ve heard it on the radio and it sounds great, but the recordings I found don’t sound as clear as I would like. In any event, phone your local radio station and request it. Or, you …

Alex Vissia

Alex Vissia is someone I have never heard on the radio yet but has lured me into her following. I suggest listening to ‘Ghostly Yearning’ or ‘Get Well Soon’ to have a taste. Music that tastes like apple; tart and sweet. Mmmmm.  

Hayes Carll

Here is a mellow song from Hayes Carll; I like this live version even though it sounds a bit crackly, because you can hear the acoustic guitar pretty clear. Anyways, here’s to a good sappy country song!

Whitney Rose

Whitney Rose has sweet sounds of dreamy music perfect for Valentine’s Day tunes. Thought I would share ‘My First Rodeo’, about what else, love. Hear more tunes at Whitney Rose.    

Tim Hus

Tim Hus in all his Alberta glory! Gotta love this guy for all his Albertaness. I have seen him a few times live, once at a Bragg Creek Pub in Alberta on New Year’s Eve; there was so much awesome with a bar room packed of fun loving people and Tim Hus and his lone cello player. The next day however…..probably the …

Lindi Ortega – The Day You Die

Lindi Ortega: Great country music vibe that you just want to have a cold beer with. Or two. She amazes me with her strong unique vocals and life-lived lyrics. A lot of people have said you if like Dolly Parton, then this hipped-up version is sure to impress you.  Dolly Parton she may not be, but likewise, I assure you, …

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