Sunday January 15 @ 6:00 a.m. MST


Monday January 9 @ 11:30 a.m. MST


Thursday January 5 @ 11:30 A.M. MST


Friday January 20 @ 11:30 A.M. MST


Saturday January 28 @ 6:00 A.M. MST


First Day of the Month @ 6:00 A.M. MST


First Day of the Month @ 6:00 A.M. MST


Full Moon’s @ 11:30 P.M. MST (next is January 12, 2017)


Okay, I cheated this week and made Brownie’s from a Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge box. But, they are great. I added some token butterscotch chips to make them a bit more interesting. Whoila!

Wild July

Beautifully hot and calm; Thunderous cool and steamy, that’s July. I never know quite what to do; you may venture out thinking it’s going to rain any minute and be blessed with a  gorgeous sunset. Or vice versa…… July, at least in Northern Alberta, is full of temperous mood swings. Is she having a good or a bad moment? I …


I could pretty much choose any vacation trip Equitours offers and feel that I would be very pleased! Literally, a world of exciting adventures. Although they are based out of the U.K., they do trips all over the world. Where would you go? P.S. this isn’t your average zombie horse riding, you have to be a proficient rider here!

Go Horse Camping

I wanted to share this hopefully new book to come out Fall 2016: Go Horse Camping. I would love to read it and it looks like some great tips on what you need to know, what your horse needs to know, how to find people to go with and where to go. Please consider pledging so we can get this …

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