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Paul Burch

I think “My Baby’s Just Like a Train” by Paul Burch is a groovin song but I can’t find any great recordings of it! I’ve heard it on the radio and it sounds great, but the recordings I found don’t sound as clear as I would like. In any event, phone your local radio station and request it. Or, you …

Alex Vissia

Alex Vissia is someone I have never heard on the radio yet but has lured me into her following. I suggest listening to ‘Ghostly Yearning’ or ‘Get Well Soon’ to have a taste. Music that tastes like apple; tart and sweet. Mmmmm.  

Hayes Carll

Here is a mellow song from Hayes Carll; I like this live version even though it sounds a bit crackly, because you can hear the acoustic guitar pretty clear. Anyways, here’s to a good sappy country song!

Whitney Rose

Whitney Rose has sweet sounds of dreamy music perfect for Valentine’s Day tunes. Thought I would share ‘My First Rodeo’, about what else, love. Hear more tunes at Whitney Rose.    

Lindi Ortega – The Day You Die

Lindi Ortega: Great country music vibe that you just want to have a cold beer with. Or two. She amazes me with her strong unique vocals and life-lived lyrics. A lot of people have said you if like Dolly Parton, then this hipped-up version is sure to impress you.  Dolly Parton she may not be, but likewise, I assure you, …

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