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Winter Mythology

Winter is intriguing and mysterious. However, long dark days and nights, snow and fog that will muffle sound and hide your vision and a number of winter-prone health conditions to be vigilant for (hypothermia, frost bite and the common cold), it may well do you in. Any of my “friends” in the North will know exactly what I am talking about. With the popularity of Disney’s ‘Frozen’ movie, it made me wonder where did all the wonderful intrigue and mystery go?

Tim Hus

Tim Hus in all his Alberta glory! Gotta love this guy for all his Albertaness. I have seen him a few times live, once at a Bragg Creek Pub in Alberta on New Year’s Eve; there was so much awesome with a bar room packed of fun loving people and Tim Hus and his lone cello player. The next day however…..probably the …

Lazy January

Did you know there are six seasons recognized by ecologists who use the term ‘hibernal’ for the ‘winter’ period of the year. The other ecological seasons are referred to as: prevernal, vernal, estival, serotinal, and autumnal. This ecological season is more ‘accurate’ than calendar-based seasons, by avoiding the use of fixed dates. Or so Wikipedia says…I know I feel like …

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